Soma muscle relaxant and features of its use

Drug information

Soma is a miorelaxant used for the treatment of injuries and muscle pains. This is a brand name of carisoprodol, available in a pill combined with aspirin, codeine or caffeine.

Unluckily, this medication has turned into a frequently-abused drug. It is a medicine creating a tolerance in the patient, which means that more and more of the drug is required to get the necessary effect. It may also cause addiction. About 2 million people in the US have abused this drug in the past.

When taken properly, cheap Soma provides pain relief and relaxes the muscles. In the body, the medicine breaks down in part to create meprobamate, the substance used to reduce anxiety.

The brand names of this substance are Miltown and Equanil.

In the last ten years, Soma muscle relaxant abuse has increased significantly. Patient often mix Soma carisoprodol with other drugs, especially Vicodin and Xanax.

This mixture was called “Houston Cocktail” or the “Holy Trinity.” The popularity of this combination means that these three medications are issued in huge amount by unscrupulous medical doctors staffing “pill mills” – pain management hospital that intended to distribute medicines for profit. For instance, in one fifteen-month period, a Houston doctor had given more than 40000 prescriptions for Soma.

Soma carisoprodol can be mixed with codeine, which is called a Soma Coma. It may also be combined with alcohol or heroin. Most of people who ended up in the emergency room, mixed Soma with the other drugs.


When used in high doses, generic Soma may cause a lot of adverse effects, such as vertigo, vision impairment, lack of coordination, fatigue and breast pain.

Soma may cause addiction, and its overdose may be fatal. In this case, you may experience chills, increased heartbeat, vomiting, breathing problems and sleepiness, coma and death.

Patients try to stop the treatment with cheap Soma may experience sickness, stomachache and seizures, head pain and sleeping problems. Patients should stop the treatment gradually.

The change of Soma’s status

In 2011, the DEA decided to limit this drug’s sale. Due to its high abuse potential, it was put on Schedule IV of the Controlled Substances list, together with benzodiazepines and barbiturates.

However, it is easy to buy Soma if you can find an unfair doctor. People can buy soma online at any pharmacy. However, if you become addicted to this drug, it won’t be use to stop using it.

Luckily, some patients who have to recover from an addiction to this drug – may contact drug rehabilitation centers and find help.

The program of this center deals effectively with the adverse effects of drug abuse. Any patient can end the program and start a new life free from addiction.

Can I order soma without prescription?

Soma over-the-counter
Soma is a prescription drug, so the prescription is necessary to get the drug. However, you may buy soma online and get an online prescription for Soma. There are online physician in many online drug stores who can provide digital consultation for the customers. You must indicate your age, past diseases and answer other questions about to your health to make sure that you really can take generic Soma. If it is suitable for you, our online physician will prescribe you this drug online.