From the ancient times in attempts of the diseases and traumas treatment, a human tried to cope with a pain first of all. Namely this display of each illness causes the greatest quantity of tortures.

Today in the arsenal of pharmacologists there is a large quantity of anesthetic medicines of the various mechanism of action, beginning with light ones which can be applied without primary consultation of the doctor and finishing with serious and potentially dangerous narcotic analgesics at independent application, and also anesthetic drugs.

Often the pain, especially a chronic one dements the person literally. In the attempts to get rid of it he is nervous, and it, strengthens frequently the painful sensations.

For this reason, pharmacologists tried to create a medicine which not only blocks a pain, but also calms the person. Such medicine has been found. Its name – is Soma. The basis of Soma is he substance called Soma Carisoprodol. This medicine operates in a brain, in the center, where converge all the painful signals from a body .

The effect of Soma consists of the painful signals block, therefore the person doesn’t feel a pain. Besides, Soma promotes also a relaxation of muscles and pressure removal.

For this reason, the person not only gets a rid of a pain during the reception of a medicine , but also becomes calm and relaxed that is very important for the treatment of different diseases. Under the influence of Soma also decreases the blood pressure.

Soma medicine has been developed on the basis of already available means meprobamat which blocked painful signals and removed stress of muscles pretty well, but possessed a big number of side effects.

There were some overdose cases of meprobamat, coming to an end with serious consequences. Unlike the predecessor, Soma is deprived the majority of dangerous side effects though operates qualitatively and effectively enough.

It can cause small sleepiness only at the reception in considerable quantities that, however, it is useful enough at the treatment of many diseases.

Today Soma is actively used in many countries of the world for the traumas and wounds treatment of various severity level. As under the influence of a medicine muscle relax, wounds heal much faster, and thus the person does not suffer.

The application of Soma medicine is also possible at various diseases of the locomotor apparatus – myositis, arthritis, etc.

Soma is produced in the form of tablets on 350 mg of Soma Carisoprodol in each. Taking into the body, Soma soaks in intestines very quickly and already, after a half an hour, it appears in a brain where begins its action.

It is necessary to apply a Soma medicine to high-grade action 3-4 times a day, and last tablet should be taken before a sleep. Regular reception provides full removal of painful sensations and prevent the maintenance of their repeated occurrence. If the next reception of Soma has been passed for any reason, the tablet can be intake, as soon as it will be revealed.

However, it is not necessary to take the passed tablet if before the next reception remains a few time, as the concentration of Soma medicine can arise in a greater degree, then it is necessary for the safe action of the medicine.

In case of reception Soma according to recommendations, this preparation is safe for an organism and practically doesn’t cause any side effects.

The pain often comes unexpectedly. For this reason such medicine as Soma should be always at a hand.

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Soma – is the possibility to cope with the severe pain safely and effectively and also to remove the nervous tension connected with it.