You can order Soma without prescription. For this you need only to fill out a medical questionnaire and pay the cost of the preparation.

If you are interested in the buying Soma online, please familiarize yourself with the simple procedure of the order registration for the drug delivery to your home or office.

Before you buy Soma online without prescription, you have to fill out the medical questionnaire. Filling of the medical questionnaire is carried out in your best interests, so as Soma is the effective and at the same time the potent medication.

Generic Soma

In the questionnaire, please, indicate your illness, what medications you have been already taking, what is your height, weight, and your age. If you have a prescription for the medicament Soma, is desirable to attach it to the medical questionnaire.

All this information will help our pharmacists to assess the risk degree of the emergence of unwanted side effects, which you may experience at the Soma no prescription, as a medical therapy.

After filling out the medical questionnaire, you will pass on CHECK-OUT Page, where you will be asked to leave your phone number, so that we could, if necessary, to contact you. We will call you only in the case if you forget to attach the prescription to the medical questionnaire, or if a medical questionnaire contains incomplete (incorrect) information.

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Time-limits of the delivery of the preparation Soma to your home depend on the chosen by you the price category of the delivery.

1. The services of Royal Mail cost $ 50, you will be able to begin the treatment course through 5-10 working days after the done by you purchase.

2. The services of Express Delivery cost $ 30, you will be able to begin the treatment course through 10-20 working days after the done by you purchase.

3. The services of regular mail delivery cost $ 15, you will be able to begin the treatment course through 15-30 working days after the done by you purchase.

Sending of the preparation Soma, to the address, which you will specify at its buying online, is carried out on the day of the funds receipt on our account.

The price for the medicament Soma depends on the number of tablets per packing.

$ 81, the cost of Soma packing, which contains 60 tablets
$ 99, the cost of Soma packing, which contains 90 tablets
$ 108, the cost of Soma packing, which contains 120 tablets

At buying of the large packing (120 tablets), the cost of one pill is $ 0,9.

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