Muscle relaxants: drugs for osteochondrosis and their features

Muscle relaxants are the drugs used in the treatment of spasm of the muscular tissue, including osteochondrosis. Muscle relaxants are needed in surgery in case of convulsive phenomena, the reduction of dislocations, and the enslavement of the joints.

If you suffer from osteochondrosis, muscle relaxants can virtually immobilize the skeletal muscles, thereby to suppressing their reflex activity. It is better to to make intramuscular injections of muscle relaxants to make the drug act faster.

Kinds of medicines

The main reason of pain in case of osteochondrosis is excessive muscle spasm, which, in fact, is a protective reaction to the pain. However, acting for a long time, the spasm becomes pathology, and also should be treated.

Two groups of muscle drugs (muscle relaxants) are used in medical practice, and only one of them is suitable to relieve muscle spasms. The muscle relaxants are divided into two large groups:

Drugs-muscle relaxants of peripheral effect. Drugs disrupt the conduction of nerve impulses to the striated muscle. They are used in traumatology, anesthesiology and the surgical manipulation. They are mostly ineffective in the treatment of degenerative disc disease.
Drugs-muscle relaxants of central action. Most often they are used in neurology; they affect the brain and spinal cord, arresting the nerve impulse at the neuron level of the spinal cord.

All drugs-muscle relaxants, which ensure the elimination of muscle spasm, are ineffective if you want to achieve a similar effect on skeletal muscle. Osteochondrosis requires muscle relaxants of central action.

Pathogenetically muscle relaxants of central action block the signals that make muscles contract. Osteochondrosis of the cervical muscle is treated with several drugs in combination, as they are much more efficient in this case.

Soma muscle relaxant. Soma carisoprodol can help to reduce spasms and pain associated with sprains and other injuries of the muscles when it is used in conjunction with physical therapy and rest. The principle of action of the drug consists in blocking certain nerve impulses in the brain.

Method of application and doses

Drug Soma carisoprodol is taken 3-4 times a day. However, the exact dose depends on the disease and patient’s response to treatment. You should consult your doctor to find the right dosage before taking the drug. This drug is used for short-term courses. It is not recommended to take this remedy for more than three weeks without the proper guidance of a physician.

Side effects

If you buy Soma no prescription, read about possible side effects arising from receiving Soma:

dry mouth;
dizziness or drowsiness;
nausea or constipation;
violations of vision.

Special instructions

You should strictly follow the recommendations of a physician or pharmacist during the reception of Soma carisoprodol. Optimal and safe dose is individual and depends on the patient and the disease.

Generic Soma can be dangerous for certain patients, therefore you must inform your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, suffer from any allergies or other diseases (including chronic), and if you are taking any other medicines, dietary supplements or agents of vegetable origin.

If you experience an allergic reaction or hypersensitivity reaction, you should immediately seek medical help. The most common manifestations of such reactions are hives, swelling, skin rash, chest pain, and difficulty breathing or swallowing.

The opinion of the buyers and the cost

Reviews of Soma muscle relaxant vary, some patients which buy Soma online write about their effectiveness, while others believe that the drug hasn’t helped them. Experts explain the negative reviews by violations in the scheme of medication in the case of self-medication.

You should be aware that such funds are not used without doctor’s supervision, as many of them have a complicated pattern of use, contraindications and serious side effects.

The price of each type of muscle relaxants depends on the sales region and method of production. As a rule, tablets are cheaper than injections.

Cost of muscle relaxants is adequate according to the effect of their exposure and help that they provide in case of osteochondrosis.