Cheap Soma (generic title is carisoprodol) is a prescription only medication that is extremely popular among users of online pharmacies because of its effectiveness as a powerful muscle relaxer.

Being one of the most efficient muscle relaxing means in the market Soma affects in a body in order to relieve pain and discomfort from acute muscle spasms and backache.

Brand name: Soma
Legal status: Schedule IV controlled substance
Pregnancy risk: Category C (Risk cannot be ruled out)
Drug class: Muscle relaxant
Other drugs in same class: Cyclobenzaprine, Methocarbamol, More
May treat: Pain, Muscle Spasms, Cramp, Inflammation of the skeletal muscle, Spasticity, Muscle Rigidity

Side effects – Warnings – How to use

Use Soma as a short-term muscle relaxer

Authentic Soma is manufactured by MedPointe Pharmaceuticals and there are also some manufacturers in India and China produce less expensive generic Soma alternatives.

All these preparations both brand and generic ones serve with one purpose – treat pain during muscle spasms, strains and aches in back and bones. Since muscle spasms appear in the 90 percent of cases because of backache Soma no prescription pills available online are called sometimes a backache medication

Soma can also help to reduce pain from muscle spasms caused by various injuries of different severity, because of physical training overuse and problems like sleeping in an unnatural position that makes you feel like wreck after a night.

Cheap Soma online pills work effectively when it comes to reducing pain in all these cases.

However, it doesn’t matter with what purpose you start using Soma you need to keep in mind that the whole therapy course can last no longer than 3 weeks in a row. Soma is a habit-forming drug and can be dangerous if you any problems with alcohol or drug abuse in the past.

Three weeks will be enough to treat your pain cause. If the problem is not improved after three weeks of regular treatment with Soma pills it will make sense to visit a therapist.

How does Soma work to relieve pain?

One can’t say for sure how exactly cheap Soma no prescription pills work to provide and maintain their healing effects as a muscle relaxer. It is known for sure that this preparation affects the neurotic connections between brain stem and spinal cord and works no precisely in muscle but in liver.

After consuming a Soma pill its content metabolizes in the liver into meprobamate – which stands for an anti-anxiety chemical working as a regular barbiturate. Because of such synthesis Soma is able to cause an addiction despite its rating as a totally controlled substance.

But if you use this drug according to the label’s instructions and won’t give it to children younger than 16 years old or to pregnant/breast-feeding women there will be no problems dealing with Soma treatment.

Off-label uses of Soma preparation

Do not get surprised if your healthcare provider or an online pharmacist will recommend non-traditional uses of Soma no prescription tablets which include treatment of anxiety disorders and fibromyalgia pain.